Starting a Collection Drive, it all starts with one person!

For me it all started with asking....what do you need, what can I do, how can I help?

Let's help you get started!

1.  Find a shelter near you, one that you volunteer with, one that is dear to your heart or one that you know may need something.  Start by calling them or emailing them and speaking with their Shelter Manager.  Ask them how you can help and what ‘items’ they need.  I usually ask them to prioritize their ‘wish list’ items for me.

2.  Create that ‘Wish List’ and we’ll help you create a fun flyer to get circulating.

3.  Set a ‘target’ or ‘collection’ date and location.

4.  Reach out to everyone you know whether its thru email, paper flyers, co-workers, an upcoming birthday party or create this as it’s own special event.  Get the information out to everyone.  

What is nice about this is you are asking for 'gently used' donated items to provide ‘comfort’ to shelter animals in need.  You are not asking for money.

Here are some of the basics that we are finding that most shelters need or would like:

1.    Blankets (small), towels (all sizes), baby blankets and pillow cases
       (no blankets larger than a twin size bed)
2.    Cat and Dog Beds (clean, nothing too large)
3.    Collars, leashes, harnesses
4.    Toys (clean and safe)
5.    Bowls (ceramic and stainless steel, dogs can chew plastic)
6.    Crates - please only clean crates (wire and hard airline crates)
7.    Dry and Canned dog/cat food  (currently we do not take dog treats)
8.    Puppy Pads/Training Pads
9.    Cat Litter (clump forming, Yesterday's News or Pine Litter)
10.  Cat Litter Boxes
11.  Coats for dogs
12.  Newspaper
13.  Brushes for dogs and cats
14.  Tennis Balls
15.  Coupons

Shelter Cleaning and Office Supplies 
Bleach, Simple Green, Sponges, Mops, Buckets, Rubber and Latex Gloves, Paper Towels, Garbage Bags (small and large), Dishwashing Soap, Unscented Laundry Detergent, Postage Stamps, Copy Paper, File Folders, Note Pads, Pens

Get ready for your collection day....and remember to thank your friends and strangers who donate.  Thank all the people, big and small, who help.  Keep things very organized.  Check all the items as best as you can.  Items donated must be clean due to the safety and health of all shelter animals.  Take pictures and share those pictures.  Once people see how you help and what you’ve done, it will inspire others to reach out and do the same.  Keep all of your donations neat and organized and delivery your donation.  We had one little girl in Farmington CT who collected for her 8th birthday party and when she made her donation to Protectors of Animals in Glastonbury CT, she adopted a cat.  Happy Birthday to that cat and that little girl Rose! Thank you Rose.

Let us know and we’ll help you find a shelter near you!



12/17/2012 7:39am

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03/05/2013 8:24am

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